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Fietsend de Vecht over

Al fietsend van de Vecht genieten op onze fietssup, een unieke ervaring. Dit is dé manier om lekker sportief bezig te zijn. De fietssup is erg stabiel en wendbaar. Met een goede uitleg vooraf fiets je zo weg. Nu nog je sportkleding aan, bidon vullen en klaar ben je.

Waar wacht je nog op? Boek nu!

What will you choose?

Sail an (electric) longboat yourself

Want to explore the Vecht together? Do this with one of our electric longboats. When you board, you will receive a short instruction. A sailing map will help you further along the most beautiful spots of the Vecht.

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Sailing with a skipper

Can’t or don’t want to sail by yourself? A skipper would love to take you sailing in one of the longboats. You can enjoy yourself to the fullest with friends or colleagues, while the skipper shows you the beauty of the Vecht. Take something to eat or drink with you on board, or let us take care of food and drinks.

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Paddleboarding is an attractive combination of workout and total relaxation. Basically anything is possible, so let us know what you’re thinking about. The Vecht is ready, the boards and paddles are ready. Are you ready?

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